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2012 New York Rangers: Believe

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Call this your summer homework, if you want. In all honestly, call it whatever you like. I just want you all to take a moment over the next few weeks when you're looking back on this season and do something for me.


Believe in what this team accomplished, against all odds (and serious injuries), all season long. Believe in the direction this team is moving in. Believe in the young talent that's only going to get better and how much more complete this team will be next season. Most importantly, believe that this team is going to be great in the future, because they will be. This season, for all it was, was a massive accomplishment, and something every single fan should be proud of.

I don't want any New York Rangers fans to hang their head about this loss. This season has been nothing but postitives. You, and the team, have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, even if you can't shake the hurt right away.