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2012 Free Agency: Rangers, Del Zotto Remain Far Apart On New Contract

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According to Larry Brooks of the NY Post, the New York Rangers and Michael Del Zotto have yet to come close on negotiating a new deal, to keep the 22-year-old defenseman in New York. It was reported that the Rangers are looking to give Del Zotto a multi-year deal that is in the range of $2.2-$2.5 million per season. This ballpark figure is just around what people were expecting Del Zotto to get, but is this what Del Zotto is asking for?

It's tough to say, but considering we almost never hear what the players want, we never truly know for sure. Although, with both sides not being close, and Del Zotto having a breakout season in his contract year, one may suspect he wants a little more, in terms of figures.

However, I wouldn't read too much into this whole mess just yet. The fact of the matter is, a majority of movements are still in holding patterns with the CBA uncertainty. I know players like Max Pacioretty and Wayne Simmonds have signed hefty extensions, but for the most part, not much is going on. Just look at the list of RFA's that still have yet to sign an extension. P.K. Subban, John Carlson, Jamie Benn are just to name a few.