2013 NHL Draft: Jordan Subban

Here's a draft preview of OHL defenseman Jordan Subban.

From now until the 2013 NHL Entry Draft Blueshirt Banter is going to be previewing some of the candidates the New York Rangers might select. Since the Rangers do not have a first or second round pick, we will be looking at players rated to be drafted in or around the third round in order to familiarize ourselves with players the Rangers might select with their three third round picks.

At the end of the day we really don't know what's going to happen on draft night. Glen Sather might pull a rabbit out of his hat and trade back into the first round (unlikely), he might find someone he likes and make a move to get into the second round (possible) or he might just stick with his third rounders and find some talent in the later rounds (something Sather and his scouting staff have had success with).

Today let's take a look at a name you all might be pretty familiar with, Subban. Jordan Subban, to be exact, younger brother of P.K. Subban -- a current superstar for the Montreal Canadiens. Subban took major strides offensively this year, going from 20 points in 55 OHL games to 51 points in 68 games. The offense is a big part of the allure for Subban, but there are major concerns about his defense, which is currently hampering his ranking.

Here is the Elite Prospects page if you want to see his numbers for yourself.

Here is the Hockey Prospectus review of Subban, where he is ranked 54th.

You may have heard this name before. Jordan Subban, like his brother P.K., is a right-handed Belleville Bulls defenseman who enters the draft with offensive gifts and defensive question marks. P.K. was selected 43rd overall in 2007, similar to this range for Jordan. Subban is a top-end skater who has the ability to jet up and down the ice as a dangerous puck rusher. He has plus offensive skill, as he can weave through traffic and make quality setups. He can be a little risky with his offensive attacks, however, as well as make poor positional errors on defense. He is a small defenseman at about 5'9", and that brings a solid amount of risk to his projection. His value in his own end is questionable, although he will work hard in one-on-one battles. He can make plays as a stick checker, but as a prospect, he has a high amount of uncertainty based on his defensive projection.

The Rangers have been looking for a power play quarterback since Brian Leetch was traded, to this point they haven't found one. Michael Del Zotto and John Moore could yet develop into one of those players, and the Rangers got a steal by selecting Calle Andersson in the fourth round of the 2012 NHL Draft, but it wouldn't shock me to see the Rangers go the offensive defenseman rout again this year.

Subban is a big name, so it might be doubtful that he lasts long enough for the Rangers to take him on that fact alone, but the questions surrounding his defense might be enough of a reason for teams to pass on him. And his offense might be enough of a reason for the Rangers to take a chance on him.

Thoughts, guys?