2013 NHL Playoffs: Open Thread for 5/14

Let's go playoffs.

Round Two of the 2013 NHL Playoffs starts tonight!

Check out the SB Nation blogs of the teams who are opening their series tonight:

Silver Seven Sens vs Pensburgh


Fear the Fin vs Jewels From the Crown and uh... Battle of Cali vs Battle of Cali

Digger's Game to Watch:

It's a push. The battle for California is worth watching just for the hilarity of the content over at Battle of Cali that will come from it and the Senators/Penguins series should be a good one. I know everyone wants to talk about the Matt Cooke and Erik Karlsson storyline but what is more interesting to me is Pittsburgh's goaltending decisions from here on out and how long the Senators can keep amazing people with their performance this season. Want to talk about resilience and never throwing in the towel? Look at what the Ottawa Senators went through this year and their road to the Second Round of the 2013 NHL Playoffs. Unbelievable.

How long until Thursday? Guhhhhh.

Let's go hockey. Let's go Rangers. Enjoy tonight's games ladies and gentlelads.

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