2013 NHL Playoffs: Open Thread for 5/7

Let's go playoffs!

Use this thread to talk playoff hockey or whatever else you guys want to talk about tonight.

Pensburgh vs Lighthouse Hockey

PIT leads the series 2-1.

Habs Eyes on the Prize vs Silver Seven Sens

OTT leads the series 2-1.

Second City Hockey vs Hockey Wilderness

CHI leads the series 2-1.

Nucks Misconduct vs Fear the Fin

SJS leads the series 3-0.

Digger's Game to Watch:

Has to be the Sens looking to go 3-1 over the Habs. There is so much drama and bad-blood going on in that series that each and every game from here on in is almost certainly can't-miss playoff hockey. The players don't like each other, the coaches don't like each other, and Subban and Karlsson are two of the most outstanding offensive blueliners in the league.

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