Inside the Monthly Newsletter Meeting Room

It's meeting time and Mike and I are sitting there talking to each other, passing the time while waiting for Joseph to arrive for our pre-release monthly meeting. Joseph is 15 minutes late, nothing new as Mike and I have gotten used to it by now.

Finally, the door busts open, Joseph basically breaking down the door from "running to this meeting," papers in his hands flying all over the place (God forbid he gets a case or even a back pack to hold all his files and papers). His eyes are beet red and wide open, like he's on some sort of meds that Fitty gave him. Mike and I look at each other, rolling our eyes.

The first thing out of Joseph's mouth is not "hey guys," but "so what do you both have for me?" Just a little background on the work put into the monthly newsletter, Mike does 95% of it, I do 4.42% of it, and Joseph does .58% of it. So it is a little curious that Joseph, coming into a meeting a little tardy, not acknowledging Mike and myself, would start barking orders right away. So if anyone wonders why Mike has the occasional (one of these days I will learn to spell occasional without spell check) violent looking cartoon, it is because of Freudian like feelings for Joseph and his inconsiderate ways of doing things.

So Mike starts it off as he usually does. He presents all his articles and drawings, again, that constitute 95% of the monthly newsletter. I sit there listening intently, while Joseph is texting and he is not paying attention. Mike and I are not amused. We both put this time aside purposely to get the newsletter ready for release. But this obviously does not have any affect on Joseph on how he conducts himself during these meetings. After "feeling our eyes upon him," Joseph says that he will stop texting and start listening. So Mike continues and then after 30 seconds, Joseph gets up to make a phone call.

At this point, the tension in the room is at a fever pitch. Mike and I have had it. We whisper to each other why we even include Joseph in these meetings, especially when he contributes very little to the newsletter and to the pre-release meeting. But the newsletter was originally the idea of Joseph and Mike so we feel the obligation to include Joseph, even with the indignities that he throws at us.

So we continue on after Joseph makes his phone call. Mike begrudgingly trudges through his presentation, his skin an amber red from the rising of his blood pressure. After about 20 minutes, the door flies open again, and 3 ladies from Hooters come busting (lol) through the door, laughing and giggling, and carrying chicken wings and beverages. Joseph, with a big smile on his face, proclaims while laughing out loud, "well if we're going to meet then we might as well eat!!" Doing his best Jackie Childs (Seinfeld reference) impersonation.

Mike and I are stunned. We are sitting there watching Joseph dancing with the ladies like he's Ricky Martin in a music video. Whooping it up. Trust me, it's not a pretty sight, especially with all the BBQ sauce dripping all over Joseph's mouth onto his shirt, which is half open I might add (another ugly sight).

After about 5 minutes of this, Mike and I leave and go to another location to finish up the newsletter so it can be released to our fine and growing readership. We do not know what ended up happening with Joseph and the ladies, nor do we want to know.

So now you all have an idea of what Mike and I have to deal with on a regular basis. As always, I have given a truly accurate account of what goes on, with not one bit of exaggeration whatsoever. I particularly feel bad for Mike as he puts so much work into the monthly newsletter. So if you see me commenting and giving Mike kudos for the newsletter, now you know why and now you realize the adverse conditions from which he has to operate with. I do not know how he does it. Thank you Mike!!

[Note by Mike Murphy "Dig Deep", 11/23/13 7:55 PM EST ] Remember these words so that you might pass them on to your children and your friends. Joe might take this down... so remember, if you are reading this YOU are the resistance.

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