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Ryan McDonagh Injury: Injuries Become A Major Concern For Rangers.

The Rangers have issues this season, and some of those issues can't be fixed.

Richard Wolowicz

I missed the game last night, instead choosing to watch my #1 Quinnipiac Bobcats take on Brown. Quinnipiac blew a two-goal lead with two minutes left in the game and tied 3-3. I knew the Rangers were getting smoked but didn't know anything more than the score. I figured that was as bad as my night was going to get.

Oh, how I was wrong.

The Rangers have issues this year. Their power play is dreadful, their battle level simply hasn't been there, the team hasn't been able to consistently create any offense and the chemistry is taking a while to come together. Those problems are fixable. It might take some time, and some hard work, and at the end of the day they might not get fixed, but you can work on them.

You can't work on injuries.

The Rangers don't have practice Sunday, which means we need to wait until Monday before we get a good indication of who has what. For now, here's the list as far as I can gather:

Dan Girardi -- Took a P.K. Subban slapper off his ankle. Some are speculating it's broken, but it's still pure speculation. He couldn't get off the ice without help, however, and a broken ankle can end a season in this shortened year.

Michael Del Zotto -- Undisclosed injury suffered against the Ottawa Senators. He almost played Saturday so I'm not sure how injured he is, but it's still concerning.

Ryan McDonagh -- Took a dirty hit to the head. All indications point towards him having a concussion but nothing is confirmed.

Darroll Powe -- Has a concussion. Still out indefinitely.

Rick Nash -- Undisclosed injury. Some speculation has been that he has a concussion, others say it's his groin or shoulder. We really have no idea.

You can't fix those problems. And if those five players are out for an extended period of time, well, things won't look very good. But, we don't know what's wrong with some of them. And while assuming McDonagh having a concussion and Girardi having a broken ankle is presumptuous, it seems likely both are seriously injured.

The Rangers have their work cut out for them as it is, and these two days off might be really helpful in allowing the Rangers to get healthy. The bad side, however, is that every concussion is different. If McDonagh does have a concussion you better believe the team is going to be extra careful with him.

Thoughts on all this?