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New York Rangers Noon Number: 2

What is the significance of the number 2 today?


Remember this segment? This is something we did a lot last year, and I'm a fan of bringing it back every now and then. So here we go.

The New York Rangers have done a lot of leaning on their top line the past eight games, and that line has produced a significant amount of their goals. Walking into yesterday's game the Rangers' top line scored eight of the Rangers' 16 goals. Michael Del Zotto scored two of the 16 and Taylor Pyatt scored three of those 16. That means that 13 of the Rangers first 16 goals were scored by just five different players.

And, walking into the matchup against Tampa Bay, the Rangers were desperately in need of some secondary scoring. They got that scoring Saturday when Derek Stepan and Carl Hagelin (both without a goal on the season walking into the game) scored huge goals for the Rangers en-route to the Rangers' 3-2 victory.

Rick Nash also happened to score the Rangers' second goal, but that's not the point. The top line needs some more help, and Stepan and Hagelin provided it Saturday.

Let's hope it's not a one-time deal.