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New York Rangers Noon Number: 2

We're doing the number two again. Why? Because it's significant again!

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

I know, I know, the noon number yesterday was two. Well, it's the noon number again today, too.

It's the noon number because it represents the number of goals Martin Biron allowed in the New York Rangers' huge win over the Tampa Bay Lightning. A ton of Rangers fans panicked when John Tortorella announced that Biron would be getting the start, but it was a calculated move that Tortorella needed to make eventually.

Henrik Lundqvist still needs rest (even in this shortened season) and Saturday's performance was the exact reason why the Rangers went after Biron in the first place three years ago and made such a big push to keep him this past offseason. He is a quality goaltender in the NHL, and easily one of (if not the) best backups in the game. Biron proved it Saturday as well.

Tortorella -- a coach known to ride his top goalie -- doesn't exactly need an excuse not to put Lundqvist between the pipes. Biron has done everything during his time in New York to make Tortorella trust him. Saturday was another great example of why.

That's good for the Rangers. Let's hope Biron keeps playing the way he did Saturday.