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Game Three, Thread Two


Bruce Bennett

Pierre McGuire is really, really disappointed with the Rangers powerplay and isn't afraid to let you know all about it. The worst part is that he was absolutely spot-on with what he was saying, even if it was coming from the mouth of an unbearably creepy little man.

Henrik Lundqvist has been unbelievably good through two periods. This team would be beyond lost without him between the pipes. Despite the Rangers having a 1-0 lead through two Boston looks like the better and hungrier team tonight. The Rangers have been immensely fortunate with a quick whistle when Hank lost the puck and several missed calls including a high stick by Ryan Callahan on Zdeno Chara that drew blood. The Rangers are going to have to pick up their game big-time to pull this one out.

Henrik Lundqvist

#30 / Goalie / New York Rangers



Mar 02, 1982


  • NYR 3:53 of P2, Taylor Pyatt (2) from Ryan McDonagh (2).


NYR: 0/2

BOS: 0/1


Derek Stepan with 4.

Torey Krug with 4.

Sidenote- If you had to pick one to nurse you back to health and hold you during a thunderstorm do you pick Chris Pine or Ryan Reynolds?

Let's go Rangers. Believe.