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Game Three, Thread Two

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Bruce Bennett


  • 4:06 of P1- Nicklas Backstrom (1) from Carlson (1) and Erskine (1).
  • 12:50 of P1- Brian Boyle (1) from Brassard (1) and Del Zotto (1). (I don't believe it either)
  • 1:23 of P2 - Derick Brassard (1) from Zuccarello (1) and Boyle (1).
  • 17:19 of P2 - Mike Green (2) from Perreault (2) and Chimera (1).

Just a thought, let's not let Mike Green have time and space ever again. Ever.

Brassard and Boyle each with two point nights through two periods. How good does John Moore look on the powerplay?

Let's go Rangers. Believe.