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Inside the Division: 9/14 Preseason is Just Days Away

This is the first time I've been looking forward to a Monday in a long, long time.

14th captain in team history.
14th captain in team history.
Andy Marlin

Well boys and girls on Monday we have our first preseason game against the Devils at the Prudential Center and it certainly has been a long time coming. The disappointment of not being able to actually watch more than clips (from peculiar angles on video cameras that seemed to be from the 1980s) of the Traverse City games is finally going to fade away as we get to watch hockey players compete for roster spots in otherwise meaningless games. Is it bad that I am this excited for preseason? Perhaps its because I still feel dirty and strange about the forty-eight game season last year and I am anxious for a return to normalcy.

Well those opening paragraphs are getting worse and worse, aren't they? Let's jump right into your links for the week and prepare ourselves for the preseason hockey that is just days away. Man, it feels good to write that.

In the Division

Columbus Blue Jackets- The Cannon

Carolina Hurricanes- Canes Country

Washington Capitals- Japer's Rink

Pittsburgh Penguins- Pensburgh

New York Islanders- Lighthouse Hockey

Philadelphia Flyers- Broadstreet Hockey

New Jersey Devils- In Lou We Trust

Well those are your links and reads for the week. I hope they succor your thirst for hockey until Monday rolls around and I certainly hope we hear nothing but encouraging, exciting, and good news out of the Rangers camp until then!

Have a must-read or interesting story related to the Metropolitan Division, the Rangers, or hockey in general? Share it with us in the comments section because lord knows I miss out on a lot of stuff when I do these.

Special Note: If you own an Xbox 360 and have purchased NHL 14 we have started a new club in the EA Sports Hockey League and are happy to welcome anyone from the Banter who wants to join us! To join us in our shenanigans, search for the club name; "Blueshirt Banter HC", and ask to be invited to the club. We are happy to accept anyone no matter their skill level, all we ask is that you not be a gigantic douche. Also, everyone please bother TheOneAndOnlyGlenSather and tell him to get the game because we need his offense back on the club.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Let's talk some hockey!!!