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The 2013 Blueshirt Banter Awards!!!!

This is a real awards ceremony, even if you've never heard of it/don't get a real trophy/award.

Joel Auerbach

Good morning, good morning, and welcome to the 1st edition of the BANTIES, Blueshirt Banter's official awards ceremony. These prestigious awards are rivaled by nothing. NOTHING I SAY!

Anyway Let's go through the categories and winners.

Most FanPosts:

kjbrown                  8

Anthony Viola aka Richter1994                          7

Nashtag                                                                   7

dhizzy                                                                       6

vinfromJersey                  6

Callyfan93                                      5

C on the Sweater                                                   5

ReverseLife                    5

Moshe52792                     5

Blue Blooded                                                          5

So congratulations to kjbrown for posting the most fanposts all year! Here is your Banty *hands over an amazing trophy that sparkles like the sun* enjoy it!

Most FanShots:

bleed'n blue                      1

poploser                            1

dank7                                 1

I.LikeMittens                      1

Seth Warshaw                   1

bluehairbeagle                  1

Brandon C.                         1

Rey-O                                  1

louielounz1                         1

birdmansns                         1

Oh God that's sad. And we didn't really bring a bunch of awards with us so, uh, none of you win any! Next year maybe try to post two or three, slackers!

And the award everyone wants to know about ...

Most Comments

Anthony Viola aka Richter1994      32723

Caerid11                    14210

Moshe52792                                      13254

Mike Murphy "Dig Deep"                  11252

MikeNJ_NYR                                      10581

Blueshirts fan for 50                           9718

Hoggo                          9328

rain-g-errs                    8178

NYRWolfer                                            6454

The Frozen Tundra                              6301




Tony absolutely annihilated the competition here. My word, Tony, you crushed everyone. Everyone be more like Tony! We have to make sure he has some real competition for this award next year. Anyway, Tony, here's your award.

*Like the Egyptian sun glancing off a pyramid of pure gold, the award is handed to a sobbing Tony who is blabbering an award speech saying things like "this is so expected" and "I knew all my hard work would pay off some day."*

Seriously though thanks to everyone for all the support. It means a lot to us here and these awards (they can only show the top-10) will be released every year. Try to win one next year!