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Banter Cartoons: October 2014

Zuke has more fighting majors than goals, Dan Boyle got hurt in his first game, and Rick Nash is the leading goal scorer in the league. It's been a crazy month.

Here are your Banter Cartoons for October, 2014! I hope the different colored borders isn't too confusing or distracting to the eye, let me know if it is and we'll go back to black. I just have a style with a lot of thick black outlines and it doesn't work comfortably with black borders in comic strips. These are things that keep me up at night. What keeps you up at night? Worrying about a black-eyed demon child with jagged tree branches for hands that constantly whispers, "Hungry..." and perpetually stalks you in the hallways of your comfortable apartment/suburban home? No? Something else? Please, do share.

Anyways, it's cartoons time. Or comic strip time. But I like saying cartoons time more, so deal with it.

"This Explains Everything"

This Explains Everything


"AV's Phone."

AV's Phone


Oh, and here's another oldie from the Blueshirts Monthly newsletter that hasn't been dated by the roster changing and still makes me smile.

"And McDonagh Was Still Faster Than Girardi."

And McDonagh Was Still Faster Than Girardi

That's it for October girls and guys, hope you enjoyed this month's installment of Banter Cartoons (I think it's too late to find a better name at this point, but if you have one, send it my way). Let me know what you think in the comments and all that good stuff.

Let's go Rangers.