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Chris Kreider avoids supplemental discipline for boarding ejection

After being ejected from Monday night's game against the Minnesota Wild, the NHL has decided not to suspend Chris Kreider.

Bruce Bennett

The Rangers somehow walked away with two points Monday night against the Wild, but it was anyone's guess whether or not the team would be down two players following dangerous hits from both Chris Kreider and John Moore.

The first incident, a collision near the boards that saw Kreider get the gate late in the first period, was the least severe of the two. And on Tuesday, we learned that Kreider will reportedly not be given any supplemental discipline for that match penalty and ejection.

Kreider doesn't have any prior history in terms of suspensions, and Brodin, the player he hit, returned to the game Monday night, undoubtedly influencing any decision by Stephane Quintal and the Department of Player Safety.

We're stilll awaiting information on Moore, who at the very least will have a hearing, although it's unknown whether it will be on the phone or in-person. An important thing to note in that regard is that an in-person hearing in this instance, which usually guarantees an automatic five-game suspension, may not necessarily be the case. The Rangers are in New York until November 6, and Moore could request to meet with Player Safety face-to-face to plead his case.

We'll have an update on the Moore situation as information becomes available.