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UPDATE: John Moore gets in-person hearing for Haula hit

Originally it was believed Player Safety would decide John Moore's suspension for a hit on Eric Haula over the phone. That hearing is now in-person.

Bruce Bennett

UPDATE, 1:07 p.m.

The news this morning was originally that John Moore would be participating in an over-the-phone hearing for the hit he leveled on Erik Haula Monday night, to decide whether Moore was going to receive any supplemental discipline.

We now know though, straight from the NHL's Department of Player Safety, Moore will in fact be facing an in-person hearing with Stephane Quintal and company.

What's important to note here is that in-person hearings do not guarantee a suspension of over five games, but according to the league's CBA, allows for a ban of that length. Moore, a repeat offender, could be suspended for six games or longer, or be suspended for no games, or anywhere in-between. We'll continue to update this story when the details of Moore's hearing are released.

Original story

John Moore has a history when it comes to supplemental discipline in the eyes of the NHL's Department of Player Safety. Only technically 14 games ago, during the Eastern Conference Final, Moore delivered a dangerous blow to the head of Dale Weise, and was subsequently suspended two games in the postseason.

Moore made himself the focus of another one of these dangerous hits Monday night, delivering a high hit to Erik Haula that knocked the Wild forward out of the game, and saw Moore receive a match penalty. But on Tuesday, perhaps to the surprise of some, we learned Moore will have a phone hearing, meaning the Rangers defenseman can be suspended no longer than five games.

The phone hearing will take place on Wednesday, per ESPN's Darren Dreger. Again, because this is a phone hearing, Moore can be suspended a maximum of five games. Chris Kreider already avoided supplemental discipline altogether on Tuesday when the NHL decided not to suspend the Rangers forward for his game misconduct from Monday night.