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Are You Going To The Rangers Game Saturday?

If you are come say hi.

Bruce Bennett

This past week was eye opening for me.

Going to the Rangers' game last Sunday I happened to run into my old friends (I'm using old literally) Tony and 50. We met at -- what I learned to be -- a familiar hang out for some of the Banter members at games. This was concerning ...

Me: "Familiar hang out? Like this has happened before?"

Tony: "Yes. Moshe even joined us last week."


OK, I know the signs of a revolt when I see one. You want to go after the king? You better make sure you don't miss.

To make sure there are no shenanigans or revolt plans, I will be at this meeting location on Saturday to survey things. Evan will be there as support.

Seriously, though, we meet where the escalators are at the C-Gate on the second bowl. Not the Madison Concourse, the one above it. It's a good time, and it would be a good chance for us to meet in person so when our significant others ask us "why we spend so much time with Internet peoples" we can at least claim we've met them in person.

Me, Evan, Tony and 50 will be there Saturday. Who else will be there? Let us know in the comments and we'll form a meet up. We meet between the first periods so you won't miss any of the game.

So let us know if you'll be there. Let's make this a thing!

Bring whoever you want -- free publicity! -- and join the party.