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A Banter-ween picture book: Taking a look at all the Rangers Halloween costumes

In honor of all the ridiculous costumes Rangers players will don over the next week or so, we're going to keep a running post to catalogue them all.

The king of Rangers' Halloween is back.
The king of Rangers' Halloween is back.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's about to get real spooky up in here.

Well ... not actually. Far be it for any of the Rangers to actually dress up in costumes for Halloween that would scare us, but, nonetheless, they tend to brings us a ton of enjoyment. We're used to seeing the Blueshirts dress up in some funky attire (I mean, they award a goofy-looking hat ((*note* in no way am I putting down the Broadway Hat, an institution that should be taken very seriously)) after every win), but Halloween brings out the best in them, and the Rangers usually sport some pretty fun costumes.

This year seems to be no different, so for the sake of your viewing pleasure, we're going to keep running tabs on all the different get-ups Rangers players wear over this Halloween stretch. Maybe when it's over we'll even vote on our favorite costume. For reference, the bar has already been set incredibly high last year by the Teenage Mutant Zucca Turtle, which became an instant classic.

So without further ado, your 2014-15 Rangers Halloween submissions:

Gotta start out with last year's champ, plus a strong pirate submission from Carl Hagelin:

Swedish pirate and norwegian dolphin! #Halloween

A photo posted by matszuccarello (@matszuccarello) on

I'm not even quite sure who everyone is in this picture. I've got Kevin Hayes, Marc Staal, and maybe Michael Kostka? Or is that Matt Hunwick? Would Hayes and Staal hang out with Kostka or Hunwick even? Are these even plausible trios?

UPDATE Alright folks, I'm answering all the important Banter questions this morning. Photo two features, from left to right: Hayes, Hunwick, and Kostka. Mystery solved.

A nice Saturday morning, day-after-Halloween update here. He hasn't played since October 12, so Cam Talbot has had plenty of time plan this ensemble.