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GIF: Chris Kreider and Derek Stepan laugh on the bench after collision (omgthnkgod)

A scary moment late in the third period of Tuesday night's win led to a laugh on the bench shortly thereafter.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The Rangers have dealt with their fair share of injuries this season, so I guess it's 'OK' to laugh when terrifying looking situations that almost result in injuries do not. That was the case late in the third period Tuesday against Pittsburgh, when the human battering ram more commonly referred to as Chris Kreider collided with Derek Stepan, who was playing in only his third game this regular season after returning from a broken fibula.

So as Stepan made his way to the bench gingerly, soon after assuring his teammates and coaches he'd be fine, everyone had a good chuckle.

Stepan-Kreider Laughfest

There was definitely a moment of pause, like, right after Kreider and Stepan collided, and the latter looked worse for wear. Stepan had the best game of his young season, posting two assists, and looking a lot sharper in terms of his puck decisions and movement. So, thankfully, he and Kreider were able to laugh this one off.

GIF via @myregularface