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Banter Cartoons: November 2014

Nothing but bad things happen, and they happen all the time. Forever.

Here are your Banter Cartoons for November, 2014! This has been a pretty brutal month of hockey thus far and we are still about two weeks away from the return of Ryan McDonagh to the Rangers' lineup, so I figured we could all use a few chuckles.

Just to recap- Tanner Glass has yet to be a healthy scratch, despite there being a lot of good reasons for him to be, the Rangers can't stay healthy, Henrik Lundqvist looks mortal, it seems like the only guys who can score are Rick Nash, Martin St. Louis, and Kevin Klein, and we still have to wait a week until we all gorge ourselves on turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, and the still-beating hearts of our enemies. Apparently, November sucks. I've always thought it sucked, but now I know for sure that it sucks. If you like November I hope that Poseidon himself comes out of your toilet in the middle of the night and runs you through with his trident. Well, that's a bit extreme, but I do hope that you are chased around your neighborhood by frisky and ornery satyrs that constantly pelt you with acorns shot from slingshots.

Without further adieu, let's get to my poorly drawn cartoons for the month. Be brave for the rest of November my friends, be brave and friendly.

"Things are getting desperate."

Shootout Desperation2


"In stores now."

Quick Whistle


Oh, and here's another oldie from the Blueshirts Monthly newsletter that seems relevant given what happened on Monday night, thanks a lot Ryan Callahan... we loved you. I hope your bags of Floridian money get eaten by alligators and Florida panthers.



That's it for November's installment of Banter Cartoons, guys and girls. I hope you liked eating these with your eyes as much as I enjoyed doodling them. Be good to each other, have a great Thanksgiving, and, as always...

Let's go Rangers.

PLEASE drive safe on Thanksgiving and enjoy your time with your friends and family.