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#DomMooreAllStar Let's Make it Happen

Let's send Dominic Moore and a few other Rangers to the All-Star game.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

If you're a Rangers fan, you love Dominic Moore. Of course you do, just look at the way he plays the game and the role he plays for the Rangers. Moore is that rare player that is beloved by both the new school of metrics fans and the old school of guys and gals who trust their eyes. He plays smart, passionate, exceptional hockey and he deserves some recognition for it.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Why haven&#39;t you voted Dominic Moore into the all star game yet??</p>&mdash; Joe Fortunato (@BlueshirtBanter) <a href="">November 24, 2014</a></blockquote>
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There was some talk on twitter among some Rangers bloggers, including a lot of the guys from Blueshirt Banter, about how great it would be to send Dominic Moore to the All-Star game, so I decided to help that campaign by making some good old fashioned propaganda.

Here is your new wallpaper.

#DomMoore All-Star

And, of course, here's a crazy one.

Dominic Moore All-Star Fun

Hope you enjoy the nightmares on the night before Thanksgiving.

This is how to vote to send Dom Moore (and other Rangers) to the All-Star game:

  • Go to the All-Star voting page HERE. You'll notice that Henrik Lundqvist, Ryan McDonagh, Martin St. Louis, and Rick Nash are all candidates that you can quickly click on to add to your ballot.
  • "Search for player" and type in Dominic Moore, add him to your ballot, and submit your ballot (you must have six players). I suppose you can choose players that aren't on the Rangers, but if you do that please don't ever talk to me again.

Note: you need an account to vote.

  • You can vote up to ten times a day until January 1st when the voting closes. I'm not that great at math, but I estimate that to be about 3,000,000 votes a day for each of us if we start today, which should probably do it.
  • Each time you vote will earn you a chance to win a trip to Columbus to watch the All-Star game and, hopefully, see some Blueshirts take the ice with the best players in the league that are not named Dominic Moore.

Bored at work between emails? Vote for Moore.

Trying to frantically wash the blood from your hands after waking up on a bed of garbage bags in an alley that smells like an abattoir? Don't forget to take off your watch and then vote for Moore.

Stuck on the second page of that novel you've been working on for eleven years? Maybe a vote for Moore will be your muse.

Wish dinosaurs were still around? Vote for Moore.

Tired of hearing the same old stories from your family and friends at Thanksgiving dinner? Use your smartphone and vote for Moore.

Still remember the best way to score a goal in NHL 94? Me too, so go vote for Moore.

Let's make this happen, or, at the very least, have a lot of fun trying. Let's go Rangers. Spread the Dominic Moore posters around on social media and encourage your friends and family to send Dom and the other Rangers to the All-Star game!

So, which Rangers do you think should be in the All-Star game?