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GIF: Carl Hagelin finds Martin St. Louis with a nifty pass for a goal

Martin St. Louis and Carl Hagelin combined for a very sleek goal on Monday night.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

While the Rangers certainly put themselves in a position to earn two points on Monday night, despite playing without six regulars, and nonetheless failed to do so, there were still some positives to take away from the shootout loss. Chief among them was erasing a third period deficit, which was created by a strong shift from Derick Brassard, Carl Hagelin, and Martin St. Louis, which was capped off by St. Louis scoring the game-tying goal.

On the play, the Rangers had St. Louis hemmed in deep, and continued to keep the puck in the zone. As the play was worked down low, St. Louis moved it further down the wall toward Hagelin, and then went to the front. What happened next was a pretty heady play by Hagelin, and a goal-scorers-goal from St. Louis.

Hagelin-to-St. Louis

St. Louis volunteered to play center through the early part of this season with the Rangers without Derek Stepan, and his offensive game has taken a hit as a result. But playing on the wing Monday night, he was very effective, and found a soft spot in the Blues defense on this play to net the equalizer.