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Video Breakdown: A perfect cycle ends with Martin St. Louis tying the game vs St. Louis

The Rangers ran a perfect cycle against the St. Louis Blues and it culminated in a perfect feed from Carl Hagelin to an easy tap in for Martin St. Louis

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to Video Breakdown where I use snazzy 21st century technology to analyze and break down exactly how the Rangers scored a goal. Let's get started, shall we?

That was such a great team goal from a game that was a great team effort. Only question is how did Martin St. Louis get so open at the side of the net like that?


The play starts with Carl Hagelin picking the puck up from behind the net and he begins his cycle around the boards. Marty reads Hagelin's cycle and immediately heads to the net while Alex Pietrangelo moves to engage Hagelin. Carl's speed provides enough of a cushion to out-skate the Blues' defender and set up a shot attempt.


Hagelin's shot was blocked by Vlad Tarasenko and Derick Brassard got on his horse and collected the puck to reverse it back to a wide open St. Louis who was camping out down around the goal. While the Blues defenders got themselves a bit too compact around the front of the net, though Pietrangelo reads the play well and goes to engage St. Louis while Hagelin will go to support St. Louis on the other side of the net.


After a quick chip play to Hagelin, St. Louis beats Pietrangelo to the soft side of the net while the other Blues defenders, and goalie Brian Elliot, get caught playing the puck while Hagelin pulls a little trickeration to find Marty wide open on the other side of the net.

There really isn't much to fault St. Louis on here, they were playing the expected outcome where Hagelin finds an open Marc Staal for an easy shot. Instead, Hagelin makes an absolutely gorgeous pass that no one but Martin St. Louis was expecting.

Here it is again guys, thoughts?