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Video Breakdown: Marc Staal Scores his first of year thanks to flat footed defense

The Rangers took advantage of some really lazy Vancouver defense and Marc Staal was able to pick up his first goal of the year.

"Rock, paper, scissors. Loser has to be Tanner's roommate"
"Rock, paper, scissors. Loser has to be Tanner's roommate"
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to Video Breakdown. You all know how this works; I break out the #FancyArrows, crack some bad jokes, and show you how the Rangers scored a goal or why something is working.

Today's subject involves some great puck control, flat feet, and an incredulous Ryan Miller gif.

A Marc Staal slap shot from just inside the blue line, how the heck did that go in?


After Kevin Hayes won an offensive zone face off, Carl Hagelin won control of the puck and after a couple of twists and turns, Haggy was surrounded by blue, Canucks jerseys that for some reason thought that it was a good idea to leave half of the ice sheet open for Hagelin to throw the puck to. This allowed Dan Boyle to collect the puck and keep the Rangers on the attack.


Lee Stempniak corralled the puck from Dan Boyle and got the puck on goal. Hayes was stationed behind the net and followed up the play nicely while all five Vancouver defenders were caught puck watching and missed the 6'4 center swinging out behind the net and collecting the puck. Hayes did a great job protecting the puck and firing it off the a wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide open Marc Staal.


This is a Marc Staal slap shot from just inside the blue line and the Canucks let Staal take the shot, it is a low percentage shot, normally, and Miller probably would have saved it no problem. Then the Vancouver defense did a thing.


To recap what's going on here you got: one Canuck caught flat footed and reaching hopelessly at something, two Vancouver players setting the perfect screen without really attempting to stop the shot, and Carl Hagelin just hanging out causing a ruckus while Ryan Miller tries to find the puck. All of these leads us to one of my favorite .gifs of the year


That little shrug by Miller at the end really sums up his Saturday night, the Canucks defense was flat footed and lazy all game long and he was just sick of it all.