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Banter Cartoons: December 2014

Happy Holidays!

Well hello there Blueshirt Banter reader and happy holidays to you! I hope that all of you girls and guys have been or will soon be enjoying some quality time with your friends and family. I also hope that you've been keeping warm, dry, and far, far away from Christmas music, dogs with little antlers strapped to their heads, and any and all Christmas family-comedies. You ruined a small part of my childhood Tim Allen. A trilogy based on the clause/Claus pun? A trilogy?

My generic no-religious-or-cultural-affiliation-whatsoever gift/present/boon/offering/sacrifice/thing for all of you this year is the same thing I've given you the past three months; some more Banter cartoons. Hey, at least it isn't socks or a Wojtek Wolski Rangers jersey. I hope you guys enjoy your comics for December and that you all have a fantastic holiday season. Now, let's sink our teeth into the end result of absolutely zero hours of artistic training mixed with an irrepressible need to be loved by mean internet peoples.

"Nothing was the same after that."

Nothing Was the Same After That


"Tanner's doctor visit."

Glass Mumps

When I think of the holiday season I think of charismatic little elves, that may or may not be indentured servants, and all of the magic they have brought to us over the years... presents, Keebler's cookies, the Battle of Helm's Deep, Dungeons and Dragons, and penicillin. You're a f***ing liar Alexander Fleming and we all know it.

Anyways, the Rangers have a diminutive, magical being of their own in the lineup, and I really enjoyed making cartoons about him in the now extinct Blueshirts Monthly newsletter. I thought I'd share this one with you guys as a bonus while I still have a handful left that are evergreen.

"The Rangers' undefeated hide-and-seek champion."

Hide and Seek Master Mike Murphy

Well, I hope I was able to get you guys to enjoy a laugh or two. I'm starting to think I missed an opportunity by not drawing some snowmen comics, but I'm pretty sure Bill Watterson would garrote me in my sleep if I did that. Please remember to be generous, compassionate, and patient with the people that you love in your lives, and, of course, the people that belong to the Blueshirt Banter family.

Stay warm, stay safe, stay smiling, and have an amazing New Year. Thank you for making this place what it is and thank you for making sure it never becomes what it isn't. Let's go Rangers.