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NHL trade rumors: Martin St. Louis only willing to go to Rangers, says TSN

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If Bob Mackenzie is correct, the situation regarding Martin St. Louis and the New York Rangers just became a lot more interesting.

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While the rumors surrounding Ryan Callahan, Martin St. Louis, and a potential trade have certainly heated up, there hasn't been anything so definitive to really inspire any true assurance a deal will get done.

And while there's no knowing whether or not Tampa Bay will trade St. Louis, we now know that he's both requested a trade, and, according to TSN's Bob Mackenzie, will only accept a deal that lands him with the Rangers.

"My clear understanding is, he asked for a trade, it sounds as if that trade request still is very much in affect, and he asked for a trade to only one team: the New York Rangers."

What's also important to keep in mind here is that St. Louis possesses a no-movement clause, so he'll have to approve whatever team the Lightning can work out a trade with. But if St. Louis himself only has eyes on one team, it makes it a little more difficult for Tampa Bay to negotiate.

We'll continue to update the situation as more details become available.