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2014 Stanley Cup playoffs: Henrik Lundqvist fined $5,000 for water bottle-gate

For dumping his water bottle on Sidney Crosby, Henrik Lundqvist was fined $5,000, while Crosby has yet to draw any supplementary discipline for trying to break his stick over Dominic Moore's crotch.


When John Tortorella did it, he got suspended. But what we've learned this week is pretty simple: If you're a player, and you spray an opposing player with a water bottle, you're going to incur a fine.

It's a weird resolution to come up with in the playoffs, but for the second time this week, a water bottle was turned into a weapon, and for the second time, a player was fined for this aquatic attack.

The latest shooter (or really in this case, dumper) was Henrik Lundqvist, who emptied out his bottle on the face of a prone Sidney Crosby just moments after the Penguins captain speared Dominic Moore south of the equator.


Again, we'll very intentionally note the Lundqvist water-boarding attempt came in the moments after Crosby tried to mortgage Moore's family jewels. Crosby_jewel_wack_medium

Crosby had been engaging in some chippy play all night, and had tripped up Dan Girardi earlier in the night.


Lundqvist's retaliatory water brigade cost him $5,000. No word on whether Crosby's antics will draw any repercussions.

An s/t to @MyRegularFace for the GIFs