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Playoff Hockey Open Thread: 5/14

Our enemy shall reveal himself tonight.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

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Tonight's Games

The Habs at the Bruins, 7:00 PM. NBCSN. Game 7.

The Ducks at the Kings, 9:30 PM. NBCSN. Game 6, Ducks up 3-2.


Well who do you guys have winning tonight's games? Are we going to see two teams eliminated tonight or just one? How about that Gibson kid on Anaheim? Who would've thought that the Ducks had more goaltending depth than they knew what to do with. Bananas.

Obviously the big story tonight for Rangers fans is which other original six team will the Blueshirts be playing on Saturday afternoon; the Habs or the Bruins? I don't know about you guys but I'm nervous about playing both. If push comes to shove I'm really hoping the Habs win tonight, I think the Rangers match-up against them better than they do the Bruins. Should be interesting to see the range of emotions we go through watching Game 7 of the Bruins/Habs series. Soon, my friends, the enemy shall reveal himself and we shall have one more day of rest. One more day for our bumps and bruises to heal. And we have Hank and Marty. I believe. Do you?

Let's go Rangers. Let's go fifty-seven overtime sessions for the Bruins/Habs.