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Brandon Prust suspension: Two games for late hit on Derek Stepan

For his late hit on Derek Stepan during Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Brandon Prust has been suspended two games.


For the late hit he delivered to Derek Stepan during Game 3, Brandon Prust was suspended two games on Friday by the NHL Department of Player Safety, the league announced.

The above video runs down what went into Prust's suspension, highlighting that Prust made principle contact in the chest and head area, the hit was delivered almost a full second after Stepan released the puck, and Prust has been suspended once before for an illegal check.

Earlier today, the Rangers announced that Stepan suffered a broken jaw during Game 3, which likely played a major factor in Prust's suspension. Before the Rangers announced Stepan's injury, there was speculation the hit would draw no suspension whatsoever. No penalty was assessed on the play, which occurred 2:45 into the first period.

The incident sparked Daniel Carcillo to go after Prust later in the period. On a subsequent whistle, as Carcillo was being escorted to the penalty box by a linseman, contact he made incurred an automatic 10-game suspension by the league today.

Prust will be eligible to return this series in Game 6, if the game is necessary.