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Daniel Carcillo suspension appeal: Friday hearing set to challenge 10-game ban

After being handed a 10-game suspension for an altercation with an official, Daniel Carcillo will officially appeal the ruling.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

During Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Daniel Carcillo was ejected, and subsequently suspended after a physical altercation with a lineseman who was escorting him to the penalty box.

Under Rule 40.3, Carcillo was given an automatic 10-game ban for making physical contact with the official, a black-and-white rule without too many loopholes.

But today, the Player's Association announced that Carcillo will get a Friday hearing with the commissioner to appeal the ruling.

Carcillo joins a small group of players who have appealed suspensions that includes Zenon Konopka, Shawn Thornton, and Patrick Kaleta (you'll notice a common thread there). Carcillo isn't the only Ranger in disciplinary trouble, as John Moore had a hearing Wednesday for a late hit he laid on Dale Weise during the closing minutes of Game 5.

As soon as an update on Moore is available, we'll provide that information. We'll continue to update the story on Carcillo as the appeal plays out.