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John Moore Suspension: Two games for hit on Dale Weise

For his late hit on Dale Weise during Game 5, John Moore was given a two-game suspension by the Department of NHL Player Safety.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

During the closing minutes of Game 5, John Moore delivered a pretty vicious, dangerous hit to Dale Weise after the Habs forward released the puck. On Wednesday, Weise was suspended two games for the hit by the NHL's Department of Player Safety. A GIF of the hit can be seen below, which Player Safety deemed attacked Weise's head, the biggest aspect they took issue with.


A video explanation of the video can be seen below.

With Moore out for the next two games, the assumption is it will be Raphael Diaz will take Moore's spot in the lineup. Diaz last appeared in the Rangers' lineup during the Penguins series, playing in both Games 3 and 4.

Listening to the league's explanation, where Moore's hit differed from that of Brandon Prust in their opinion was the way the head was targeted. While the hit was not labeled late, the way Moore drove his shoulder toward Weise's head was enough to draw supplemental discipline.

A s/t to @myregularface for the GIF.