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Playoff Hockey Open Thread: 5/30


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Second City Hockey | Jewels From the Crown | Battle of Cali

Today's Game

Chicago at Los Angeles, 9:00 PM EST. NBCSN. Los Angeles leads the series 3-2.


Okay Blueshirt Banter, pick your poison time; who would you rather see play the Rangers in the Stanley Cup Finals (I can't believe I'm writing that sentence, I've been waiting 20 years for it) the Kings or the Blackhawks? Because that is the team you should be rooting for today. If you're in doubt, you should be rooting for this thing to go to seven games and for all of the games to go to quintuple overtime.

At this point I am personally hoping its the Blackhawks because the Rangers have shown that between Lundqvist and their defense they can stymy some pretty special offensives and elite players. The Rangers have also shown that they can really and truly struggle to score and I just don't know how we will fair against Jonathan Quick. So what do you guys think? Who wins tonight? Who do you want to win? How do you feel today? Doing anything fun this weekend? Go hug somebody!

Let's go Rangers! Let's go Hockey! Let's go Banter!