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Kreider nearing a return; On Tuesday they rested; Fleury's glove

Today's New York Rangers notes.

Bruce Bennett

Wednesday is a new day, and Game 4 is a chance for the Rangers to turn a new page in their series against the Penguins. (Wednesday is also conveniently two days after Monday, which we'll get to in a bit.) A win shifts the tides, and turns this into a three-game series. Here are your morning notes.

Chris Kreider may be back very soon for the Rangers. When exactly, we still don't know. [Blueshirt Banter] [NY Post] [ESPN NY] [Daily News] [Rangers Rants] [Newsday]

Tuesday marked a much needed day off rest for a Rangers team in the stretch of a hectic schedule. [NY Post] [Rangers Rants]

Marc-Andre Fleury's glove has been put to the test, and it's passed. So the message from the Rangers' coaching staff is simple: shoot somewhere else. [NY Post]

I've said it. Others have said it. And now here it is again, intelligently: Rick Nash is just fine. [Deadspin]