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Blueshirts Monthly Open Thread: Happy June!

Happy June! Check your inboxes!

Mike Stobe

Is it June already? Are we still in the playoffs? this real life?

It's the start of a new month guys so that means it's Blueshirts Monthly time! Check your inboxes for the new issue and start talking about whatever you want to in this thread!

What's Inside Issue Nine?

  • Two articles from Tone-Bone!
  • Regular Segments including; Behind Enemy Lines, Rangers in Retrospect, Mike's Padded Corner, and Tony's Tales.
  • Two new comics.
  • Awesome photography from Blueshirts Fan for 50 and Karl Becker.
  • An article from a guest writer that I know pretty well.
  • Crossword puzzle.
  • Words. A lot of words.
  • Some colors. A lot of colors too. I try to make it pretty so use a lot of colors and words.

What's that you say? You still haven't subscribed to Blueshirts Monthly? Did you know that it is FREE TO SUBSCRIBE? All you have to do to subscribe dig up the bones of a witch doctor, put them into a Carvel ice cream cake, throw that against the right flank of a bull elephant is email with "SUBSCRIBE" as your subject and you'll be getting the newsletter every month. That's it! Easy, huh?

If you have any questions of any nature please feel free to email us and let us know what's up. If it is a question regarding not getting an issue or wanting to change what email address gets the issue email me or the account. I'll get to fixin' it as soon as I can.

Just a Little Note: Please make sure to check your spam folder if the email doesn't show up for you in your inbox. We are sending out a lot of emails with attachments on them and sometimes email services flag them as spam.


Thanks again for your support guys, it means the world to the three of us. Please feel free to use this as your open thread for the day, to talk about this month's Blueshirts Monthly, to talk about how much you love this team, to talk about how lucky we are to get to enjoy this for the first time in twenty years, and to just talk. Round about that time where we should be grilling and working on some farmer tans. So share some grillin' recipes, sit back, enjoy Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals tonight, and, of course...

Let's go Rangers!!!