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Playoff Hockey Open Thread: 6/1

Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals. Holy crap. More hockey!

Tasos Katopodis
Second City Hockey | Jewels From the Crown | Battle of Cali

Today's Game

Los Angeles at Chicago, 8:00 PM EST. NBCSN. Game 7.


Holy crap. In a few hours time we'll know who the Rangers are going to play against for the Stanley Cup and it's going to be either Toews' Blackhawks or Brown's Kings. It'll be Quick or Crawford. Keith or Doughty. Kopitar or Kane. Sharp or Carter. I have anxiety about the Rangers facing either of these teams but it's gotta be one of them, so which team do you want it to be guys?
Enjoy tonight's Game 7 and make sure to keep a keen eye on how both teams play the game and understand what it will take for the Rangers to beat the victor of tonight's game. Both teams are worthy opponents. Both teams have superstars and an amazing amount of depth. Both teams have all the tools it takes to win a Stanley Cup.
Who do you have winning tonight? Who do you have scoring? Will Justin Williams AGAIN be a Game 7 hero? Will Gaborik continue to dazzle and amaze? Will Johanthan Toews and his team come back from a 3-1 deficit and win it tonight on home ice to go defend their Stanley Cup against another original six team? Tons of questions tonight and they all need answers. I think it's going to be a classic tonight. Enjoy the game folks!

Let's go Rangers! Let's go Hockey! Let's go Banter!