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Cup preview; Vigneault playing underdog card; Richards the unofficial captain

Today's New York Rangers notes.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

We're getting closer. Tuesday means that we're only a day out from Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final. These long layovers are becoming a bit more familiar after playing back-to-backs in rounds one and two, but it still seems like an eternity since the Rangers have been on the ice. (It's actually been four days now since a game.) Plenty to talk about an dissect before the Cup round officially begins though. Here are your morning notes.

Our big 2014 Stanley Cup Final preview is here. This year, one of the teams in that matchup is conveniently the New York Rangers. [Bluesehirt Banter]

Some other general preview stuff that's worth a look:

  • Getting to know the Kings. [NY Post]
  • It's really not like he was going to give any other answer, but when posed the question, Alain Vigneault took a 180 on many predicting this Cup Final, saying the Rangers can win it. [NY Post] [ESPN NY] [Daily News] [Newsday]
  • Jonathan Quick: The Connecticut kid with Blueshirts ties who will attempt to end their season. [NY Post]

A look back at how a relatively unknown goalie from Sweden became a seventh round pick in 2000, and now the King of New York. [NY Post]

Similar story yesterday from The Record, but on Brad Richards, who's been captaining the team without an official captain. [ESPN NY]

Lost in the all the Stanley Cup hysteria was the Rangers signing two prospects to contract on Monday. [Ranger Rants]