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Group Donation to the Katie Moore Foundation Part 2

Let's go Banter.


How many times during this season and postseason were we reminded of what is really important in life? We all love hockey. We all love Rangers hockey. We all start and end our days by checking in on the various blogs (including the Banter), twitter accounts, and beat writers to see if anything, anything at all, has developed or happened since the last time we checked in. Hockey is important to us, but we all know that there are more important things than hockey. There are even things more important than Stanley Cup Final hockey.

Redditor "BetterCallStaal" (who goes by @RyanOhan on twitter) had a simple idea about one month ago. Ryan encouraged the Rangers reddit community to work together to make a group donation to help support the Katie Moore Foundation and originally planned to have the group donation running until May 28th. However, now that the Rangers have found themselves in the Stanley Cup Final, Ryan has extended that time to the end of the postseason.

Thanks to the generosity of anonymous Rangers fans, Rangers fans on reddit, and a few Rangers fans directed to the group donation pledge from hockey blogs (including Blueshirt Banter) and social media sites, the group donation has reached over $3,500. Just because someone had an idea and thought it would be a cool to encourage the members of the reddit community to do a group donation. One guy has an idea to do something positive and $3,500 is raised. It's a pretty kickass thing. I'm here to tell you guys about it one more time in the hopes that we can help that number grow and make things even more kickass.

I already brought this group donation to your attention back on May 4th and some of you guys already made pledges and donations. If you are one of those people I'd like to thank you for doing that but you don't need my thanks. You probably already feel great for doing it, as you should.

If you'd like to donate and be part of the group donation:

  • CLICK HERE to get to the website for the Katie Moore Foundation
  • Send Ryan an email telling him about your donation so he can keep a running count of what was raised as part of the group donation at:
  • You can choose to remain anonymous or keep your donation amount anonymous but still have it listed as part of the group donation. In other words, however you want your donation to be pledged to the group is how Ryan will do it.
  • Just to be clear, you are not sending any money to any third party. You are simply telling Ryan about your donation so he can keep a running tab on how much was raised through the group effort of Rangers fans from all over the web contributing to the cause.

The Reddit Post

The Donation Page for the Katie Moore Foundation


I don't think you should donate to Katie Moore's charity because the Rangers are in the Finals. I don't think you should donate because Dominic Moore has given the team and Rangers fans so much to cheer for this season and postseason. I don't think you should do it because you feel obligated to do it or pressured to do it by me or anyone else. You should do it if you have a little bit of extra money and you'd like it to go to a very worthy cause. You should do it because there are things that are more important than hockey.

If you can't donate you can still help by doing exactly what I am doing with this piece. You can spread the word not only about this particular group donation effort by Rangers fans working together to make something beautiful happen, but also by simply spreading the word about the Katie Moore Foundation. Tell your friends and family about it, tweet about it, put little post-its about it on tiny dogs and release them into the city, or do whatever else you can to help shed some light on a very worthy cause. Too many of us have had our lives touched by cancer and rare cancers. Every dollar and every person you tell makes a difference. Ryan's idea has helped to raise over $3,500. Just one guy. Just one cool idea to do something positive.

Seems like the world should have a few more cool ideas like this one, and until the next one comes along we should make sure to encourage and support this idea to make a group donation, together, as Rangers fans.

Thanks for reading guys. Hope you're all doing well.

Let's go Rangers. Let's go Banter.