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2014 NHL Free Agency: Stralman, Boyle, Pouliot Expected To Walk; Talks Start With Dom Moore

With the free agent market officially opening tomorrow, the New York Rangers will likely lose a few players who were integral parts to their Stanley Cup run last season.

Bruce Bennett

According to Larry Brooks of the New York Post, the New York Rangers are expected to lose Anton Stralman, Brian Boyle, and Benoit Pouliot to free agency when the market opens tomorrow. He noted that unless something significant happens overnight, it is expected that all three of them will test the market, and be out of the price range for a reunion in New York.

Obviously the biggest loss of the three will be Anton Stralman, as he excelled during the regular season, and stepped up big time in the playoffs. That's not a discredit to Boyle or Pouliot either, but out of the three, Stralman's loss will sting the most for the Rangers.

With the upcoming free agent market being relatively shallow for defensemen, Stralman is going to get a hefty pay raise from a team in need of a top pairing defenseman. It was reported earlier in the month that the Rangers were allotting at least $4 million in a failed attempt to reel Stralman away from the opening market.

However, with all of this bad news comes relatively good news on the Dominic Moore front. Just yesterday it appeared as if the Rangers were going to let Moore walk as well, but apparently things have taken a turn for the better. In another tweet from Larry Brooks, he noted that the Rangers are in talks to retain the services of Dominic Moore, which would be a huge piece to have back for at least another season.

With everything starting to heat up on the eve of the free agent frenzy, tomorrow is expected to be a very interesting day. Be sure to stay tuned here for more!