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2014 New York Rangers Report Cards: Grade Derick Brassard

Use the poll!

Jim McIsaac

Hey guys,

Sometime next week we're going to be calculating all the grades you guys gave each player during these report cards and put together a master report card with your averaged out grades on them. It's going to be really cool.

Anyway, as I've started going through each player to calculate the grades I realized we never put a poll on the Derick Brassard report card. So below is a poll for Brassard I need you guys to take a minute and fill out.

Please fill it out seriously. As I was going through the polls it looks like a couple of people (seriously, like two people) gave every player (including Lundqvist, McDonagh, Zuccarello and Talbot) an F. Those small samples obviously won't impact the overall grade of the players but, come on.

We're trying to do something cool, so treat this one seriously. I'm excited to see what all of you guys gave the players as a whole.


Hugs and kisses,

Joe Fortunato - Dictator for life, Blueshirt Banter