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Saturday Morning Open Thread: How Are We Doing?

Give us a report card! Kind of ...

Ethan Miller

The dog days of summer continue! There's actually no news anywhere. You can't find any. Seriously, go look, I'll wait.

Anyway, as we continue to mosey through the summer, we want to give you guys an opportunity to tell us what you think about, well, us.

I would add a poll at the bottom, but someone would inevitably give us an "I didn't see enough of them" and I would throw things around the room in frustration. So we're not going to do that.

However, please use the comments section to let us know what you like about the site, what you'd love to see more of, what you might want to see less of or even any cool story ideas you guys might have. Remember, we're in this together. This website doesn't exist if you guys aren't coming here and reading every day. So we do want to know your opinions on this place.

Let us know in the comments, and remember that Dig cries when you say anything negative about him. Also remember that I actually sustain life based off of compliments and ego boosts, so those are appreciated as well.

Hugs and kisses,

- Joe Fortunato, Dictator for life