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Lazy August Musings: What's Taking John Moore So Long?

Just some thoughts to get you through another dog day of summer.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

- Boy, things have dragged to an absolute stand still, haven't they? There's literally nothing going on right now, which is both kind of relaxing and kind of annoying. Well, annoying if you run a blog. Relaxing if you don't.

- The biggest thing left on the New York Rangers' radar is the current contract status of RFA defenseman John Moore. Moore has yet to be re-signed by the Rangers, and for the life of me I can't figure out what the holdup is. I think everyone expects Moore to come in around $1.2-million, and I don't see him really pushing for much more. Maybe the two sides are in a blinking contest. But why?

- While I'm not saying panic -- not that you really would over this situation, anyway -- I do find it interesting that both nothing has been done and we haven't gotten any leaks from the media about anything. I know Glen Sather keeps these things close to the vest, but man, there's nothing out there.

- Traverse City is going to start soon, which means we can all stop dreaming about what Anthony Duclair will become for a minute, and instead drool over what he does in the prospects tournament. While Traverse City is in no way a "make or break" tournament, it would be nice to see him explode onto the scene there.

- I am disappointing Pavel Buchnevich will not be able to attend, but him getting more time, minutes and experience in the KHL isn't a bad thing. I'm as excited for him as I am for Duclair, I really am.

- Not to churn up the rumor machine, but Kevin Hayes has two more days to sign with Chicago before he becomes a free agent. We covered this about a month ago, but it's worth keeping an eye on.

Well, that's really it from me. Two days away from the Hayes thing ending or beginning, and then we can throw ourselves into that before Traverse City.