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New York Rangers Rumors: Kevin Hayes Expected To Make A Decision Today

Kevin Hayes is expected to make a decision at some point today, and the New York Rangers are very much in the mix.


We may finally have some sort of hockey news come about today as Kevin Hayes is expected to make a decision regarding his future. Hayes officially hit the market at midnight on April 16th, where he would be free to sign with any other club, after failing to agree to terms with the Chicago Blackhawks.

Prior to Hayes hitting the market, there were reports of the Rangers being one of 4-5 teams that were considered strong candidates to land the top college free agent. Following that, there was another report this morning stating that the Rangers were one of the five finalists to speak with Hayes and his agent on Monday afternoon. Hayes is expected to pick from the Colorado Avalanche, Nashville Predators, Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh Penguins, and New York Rangers.

The Rangers have a strong Boston College connection with Hayes as he was teammates with Chris Kreider during their national championship run back in 2012. It's uncertain how that connection will play into the negotiations, but it certainly could be a factor in Hayes' decision.

We will have an update once Hayes (hopefully) makes his decision later today.