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#HayesWatch; Pressure on for Nash; Miller looks to make his mark

Today's New York Rangers notes.

Paul Bereswill

Felt like I came across enough Rangers news items on Tuesday to string together an August edition of morning notes. Plus, we're officially on full #HayesWatch here at the Banter. Without giving too much away, texts are being exchanged, plans are being spared, and we're anticipating a decision being announced soon. Without further ado, your morning notes.

No reason not to start with the biggest story in Rangers land right now. Kevin Hayes is one of the top college prospects turning pro, and without a team at the moment. Hayes was expected to decide yesterday, while as it's currently approaching the 1 a.m. hour on the East coast on Wednesday, I can definitively say Hayes did not in fact come to a decision. Also going to assume that between now and 6 a.m., Hayes or his camp won't be releasing the team he's chosen, which means this update will at least be relevant when it hits the web. This is the latest piece of info we know from Mark Divver of the Providence Journal:

Tuesday was Rangers day at Pro Hockey Talk, and the site had some good Rangers features I'll leave here:

  • While New York was certainly faced with some difficult and tedious contract negotiations beginning early last season, and dragging on through this offseason, this upcoming year could be much of the same. [PHT]
  • You know our stance on Rick Nash (he's really good and leave him alone, duh), but the pressure will undoubtedly be on the star winger in his third season on Broadway. [PHT]
  • J.T. Miller is 21 years old, and has all the promise in the world. But it's time for him to make good on that promise, before his time runs out. [PHT]

In relevant, important, non-Rangers news, Charles Wang has finally agreed to sell the New York Islanders. [Lighthouse Hockey]

And in another piece of puck news that doesn't pertain to New York hockey, there finally appears to be an end in sight to the Steve Moore, Todd Bertuzzi incident, 10 years later. [SB Nation]

Just gonna keep hitting you with links. Have you been following along with SB Nation's top 10 goals of the 2013-14 season? If not, catch up! [SB Nation]