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More on Kevin Hayes; Leetch high on McDonagh; Linda Cohn's strange lawsuit

Today's New York Rangers notes.

Maddie Meyer

While August is certainly the slowest hockey month of the season, for some reason, this August feels like it's flying for me. The Rangers signing a high-end, free agent prospect undoubtedly added some excitement to the month, while all that's conceivably left now is re-signing John Moore, and potentially dumping some contracts in a trade (or trades) to get further away from that 50 number. Now, here are your morning notes.

There's no use in re-hashing the news that Kevin Hayes has signed with the Rangers here, unless you have been under a rock in a coma the past few days. But, if you missed it, some more analysis on that talented, 22-year-old forward. [Blueshirt Banter]

And there have been undrafted, college free agents who haven't panned out in the past (case and point, Matt Gilroy), but it's pointless to compare Hayes to those disappointments (also, mostly because Hayes was drafted). [Blueshirt Banter]

Brian Leetch is the greatest American-born defenseman to ever play the game of hockey. Brian Leetch likes Ryan McDonagh, and the Rangers corps of defensemen. That has to be good, right? [ESPN NY]

Some bizarre news that involves the Hartford Wolfpack. Linda Cohn is a pretty vocal New York Rangers fan. The ESPN anchor, formerly a college hockey player, is one of the few ESPN personalities who really pushes hockey coverage on the network. So in a promotional, return-to-the-ice event, Cohn was slated to dawn put on the pads and get back in the crease one more time for the Wolfpack. But before Cohn could get on the ice, a group of children knocked over a coin machine that cut her arm, and landed her a trip to the hospital. Now she's suing the rink. [NY Post] [Daily News] [Puck Daddy]