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New York Rangers Highlights: Here's Pavel Buchnevich doing Pavel Buchnevich things (GIF)

Pavel Buchnevich won't be attending the Traverse City tournament this year, so he's busy making his own highlights in the KHL.

Al Bello

There are many days when I waffle on who is the better Rangers forward prospect between Anthony Duclair and Pavel Buchnevich. In reality that's a very good thing: Both have shown incredible promise when it comes to their offensive prowess, and potentially represent the lethal scoring threat the Rangers have been without for so long.

On some days, Duclair decides to single-handedly take down the Czech Republic, swinging the pendulum in his direction. On days like Wednesday, Buchnevich gains the zone, and works magic with the puck en route to an assist. His Sevestral side won its KHL matchup today 4-2, with Buchnevich tallying 18:51 of ice time. That's a lot, and the assist is even more impressive.


With the KHL regular season underway, Buchnevich will not be taking part in the Traverse City tournament, which begins this Friday. Instead, we'll have to settle for watching him produce highlights like the one above against older, stronger competition.

h/t John Rosasco