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Is This The Best Thing To Come From The New York Rangers Training Camp? Yes.

This is amazing.

Christian Petersen

Question for the group: Is the below the best thing to happen to the New York Rangers during their 2014-2015 training camp?

Answer for the group: Hell yes.

This is ... amazing. I don't know how else to describe it. Derek Stepan is being interviewed by Jim Cerny when Chris Kreider -- using his amazing hockey sense -- notices the camera is angled in such a way that it's pointed directly at the ice. Less talented players would have never noticed this, and Kreider used his speed to skate up to the boards and photobomb the entire interview.

It appears things have gotten off to a rousing start so far at camp. Thankfully Kreider knew how to use all the tools in his arsenal to try and make either Cerny or Stepan laugh. I wonder if they even noticed him.

Thoughts on this brilliance?