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Anthony Duclair scores again in a preseason game because that's what he does (GIF)

The funny thing about Anthony Duclair is that whatever he touches turns into goals.


Here we are, four games into the Rangers preseason, and three games into Anthony Duclair's professional career. And just like he has in his two games prior, Duclair did what has the organization and fans alike salivating, and what will give him his best shot at staying in New York: Duclair scored.

For the third consecutive game, the 19-year-old found the back of the net. That's not luck buoying his production, but just that ability to put the puck in the goal.


I mean, what else is there to say? Duclair gets the puck, and before anyone can blink, the red light is on. The quick release, the scoring touch ... we've said this again and again, and Duclair still remains a long-shot to make the team out of camp, but he's making those meetings among the team's decision-makers a lot more interesting with every shift he takes.

Should also mention that great pass from Dominic Moore, whose name has been brought up as a potential center he could see a promotion in the absence of Derek Stepan.

Anthony Duclair will poison your water supply, and then cut off your means of transportation to the nearest body of water. No water for you!