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Rangers Vs. Bruins: No Goals? What Are Goals?

Notes from the Rangers loss to the Bruins.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

- Hello irrational panic, my old friend, I've missed you.

- Let's not sugarcoat it, a lot of things have gone wrong the past two games. Some of it is being unlucky (the Rangers have hit about six posts combined in both games) and some of it is self-inflicted wounds (the miscommunication and lack of defensive awareness). Any way you stack it, the Rangers are 0-2 in their last two and have scored as many goals as you or I in that stretch. Simply put: Not good enough. Not even close.

I tweeted this out last night, but want to elaborate on it a little here. I can accept the effort against the Islanders. I really can. Coming off that trip in that type of an emotional game, whatever, it happens. But last night against the Bruins? No way that should happen.

- However, I do understand the Rangers were missing a very key component in Derek Stepan. I mean, wow does this team miss him in a lot of ways. Forget the offensive impact, his defensive awareness is massive for Alain Vigneault's matchups. And more than that, he pushes everyone else down the lineup and keeps Tanner Glass in the press box. You saw the effect the new lines had on everyone. Miscommunication and mental mistakes on nearly every goal. Can't happen. Just can't.

- Speaking of you know who, he had a rough game himself. Got into a fight (sort of) and had a few hits, but he dragged his linemates through the mud. Jesper Fast and Kevin Hayes had horrific possession nights with him on their line. Some of their worst in a long time if not ever. Not good at all.

- The power play was just as bad. Had one decent chance that Martin St. Louis somehow missed. Aside from that? Nada. Nothing.

- Cam Talbot was the best Ranger last night. First goal aside, what else can he do?

- Dan Girardi and Ryan McDonagh, on the other hand, were two of the worst Rangers. One of the worst games that pairing has had in a long, long time.

- If you didn't think the Rangers were going to have any more losing streaks for the rest of the year, well, you're more optimistic than I am. It happens all the time, and will continue to.

- Brad Marchand's slew foot would be something to talk about if the guy didn't have a reputation for being a dirty player. But since he's such an upstanding member of the hockey community I'm sure it won't be a big deal. Seriously, though, it won't be a big deal because the NHL Player Safety department has no idea what is and what is not an issue they need to address. That slew foot was disgusting, though. Just gross.

- I didn't see the Chris Kreider hit so I can't comment on it, if you're wondering why I'm leaving that out.

Thoughts on that mess?