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New York Rangers Game Thread: Game 2, Rangers at Blue Jackets

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Ohio? Ohio.

Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

The Cannon

We'll be getting to know Brandon Dubinsky and the Columbus Blue Jackets pretty well thanks to a home-and-home two game series that starts off Columbus' 2015-16 season. The starting goaltenders are among the league's elite; Henrik Lundqvist will be in net tonight for the Rangers and Sergei Bobrovsky, the man known to many as "Bob", will be in net for the Blue Jackets.

Tonight is Brandon Saad's Blue Jackets' debut. He'll be on the top line with Ryan Johansen and Nick Foligno. Expect plenty of fun after the whistle antics from Dubi and Scott Hartnell tonight, because it just wouldn't be Rangers hockey without those two pissing everyone off.

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Okay, almost time to drop the puck. Let's do this.

Enjoy tonight's game, gang. Let's go Rangers!