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Rangers Re-Assign Jayson Megna

The Rangers re-assigned Jayson Megna to the AHL.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Rangers have sent Jayson Megna back down to the AHL today.

We originally speculated yesterday Jeff Gorton called him up to be the long-term 13th forward thanks to the Derek Stepan injury, but that's obviously not the case. Apparently an unknown Rangers forward was day-to-day yesterday and Megna was brought up in case he couldn't go.

There's a silver lining that Megna and not Tanner Glass was the guy called up in a situation where someone might have to step in and play right away, but there are still questions surrounding whether or not the Rangers are going to run with 12 forwards or bring up a 13th. Remember, it doesn't make sense to call up a guy who is developing only to have him sit in the press box.

We'll get a better idea as things move forward, but obviously whatever player is day-to-day is fine since the Rangers could have easily kept Megna up for Wednesday's matchup with the Islanders and didn't.